Ufone Best Weekly Offer

Ufone best weekly offer

Are you Looking for the best value and convenience in your mobile package? Look no further than Ufone Best Weekly Offer. With this incredible offer, Ufone brings you a perfect blend of affordability and flexibility to cater to all your communication needs. Ufone Weekly Offer gives you 2000 MBs( 2 GB) for Facebook with 4G high-speed internet and 1000 minutes available for the entire week. One thousand minutes can be used from Ufone to Ufone.

You can get this package for Rs. 130, including tax, but you have to recharge for Rs. 140. This Offer provides generous data allowances, unlimited on-net minutes, and free SMS, ensuring you’re always connected to what matters most. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to stay connected, entertained, and informed choose Ufone Weekly Offer today.

How to Subscribe?

  • Dial code *7070# to subscribe to this Offer. 
  • You check the remaining MBs by dialling code *706#.

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Ufone Best Weekly Offer

Free MBs2000
On-Net Mins1000
Off-Net Mins
Validity 7 Days
Subscription code*7070#
Status code*706#
Price Rs.130

Terms & Conditions

  • Best weekly Offer will not auto-subscribe.
  •  When you use 25 MBs, you receive 125 MBs of the Internet until midnight.
  • You can use this package for only Ufone calls and PTCL numbers. 
  • You will not pay additional charges for each call.
  • You must pay a separate bill for each activation if you activate this package multiple times. 
  • You can activate various offers. 
  • This Offer is available for seven days. 
  • Dial code *706# to check the status of this package. 
  • 2.75+Tax per MB is charged at non-payment obligation, and the charging pulse is 512 kb at this package.


Ufone best weekly offer is a weekly mobile package that provides customers with a range of services for one week, including 2 GB of data, 1000 minutes, and SMS.

Ufone’s best weekly package is a commendable choice for individuals seeking a value-packed mobile package to meet their communication needs. To activate this package, you have to dial code *7070#.

Yes, you can check the status of this best weekly offer by using code *706#.


Ufone best weekly offer is commendable for individuals seeking a comprehensive and value-packed mobile package to meet their communication needs. This offer provides a convenient and cost-effective option for customers who require a week’s worth of mobile services. With its attractive features and affordable pricing, the Ufone weekly offer ensures subscribers can stay connected without worrying about excessive expenses.

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