Ufone YouTube Offer

Ufone YouTube Offer for 7 days

Are you an avid YouTube viewer? Look no further than Ufone YouTube Offer, a package designed to enhance your video streaming experience. With this offer, Ufone brings you a dedicated data allocation specifically for indulging in your favourite YouTube content. Say goodbye to worries about exhausting your regular data allowance or facing interruptions while enjoying your favourite videos.

Ufone YouTube Offer gives you 5000 MBs of the internet for 7 days with 4G speed. If you want to activate this offer, dial *5883#. The charges to activate this offer are Rs.120, including tax. The most critical point of this package is 3 GB of internet data used from 1 am to 8 am. 

All Ufone offers work fast but Internet speed can be affected due to local areas and a 3G SIM card. If you are interested in watching videos on YouTube, I suggest this offer because this package provides you with a lot of high-speed internet data as the new generation likes to connect to YouTube for entertainment, music, and funny clips in the present era. 

How to subscribe?

  • You can get this bucket by dialling code *5883#.
  • You can check the status by using code *706#.

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Ufone YouTube Offer

Free MBs5000 MBs
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 7 Days
Subscription code*5883#
Price Rs.120

Terms & Conditions

  • Ufone YouTube Offer can be used for 3G/4G sim users, and this package is available only to prepaid users with a Ufone SIM card.
  • If you want to get any offer for YouTube or other social media platforms packages, you will dial simple code *3# for all information of packages.
  • Tax is included in any Ufone bucket you will get for any purpose.
  • Dial code *706# to check this package’s validity and remaining MBs.
  • You will activate any package you pay tax with the original price of that offer.
  • You get the maximum high speed of the internet, and multiple factors can affect the high speed, such as local areas, web pages, and mobile devices.
  • Prepaid users can enjoy all offers of Ufone only.
  • If you have used 25 MBs of internet, Ufone Company will reward you with 150 MBs by midnight.
  • 2.75+Tax per MB is charged at non-payment obligation, and the charging pulse is 512 kb at this package.


Yes, you can enjoy high-definition videos on youtube with this superb offer introduced by Ufone Company. This bucket is a fantastic option for Ufone customers who want to enjoy videos on YouTube, and you can also enjoy streaming videos.

This offer is valid for Ufone prepaid customers only, and you get 5GB of data with this package by dialing code *5883# at Rs. 120, including tax. You can subscribe to this package on any device with Ufone SIM. 


Ufone understands the importance of seamless streaming, and with their YouTube Offer, you can dive into the vast world of entertainment, tutorials, music, and much more without constraints. Stay connected, stay entertained, and make the most of your YouTube experience with Ufone’s user-friendly and engaging YouTube Offer. Subscribe now and unlock endless hours of captivating content right at your fingertips.

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