Jazz Full Balance Offer

jazz full balance offer

The Jazz Full Balance Offer is a convenient and user-friendly mobile package provided by Jazz, a popular telecommunications company. This offer is designed to provide Jazz customers with an all-inclusive balance package, ensuring that they have both talk time and internet data at their disposal.

It is a hassle-free solution that allows users to stay connected with their friends and family while also enjoying the benefits of mobile data, all within a single package. The Jazz Balance Offer is a great way to simplify your mobile usage and enjoy the best of both worlds: talk time and data with a single subscription.

How to subscribe? 

  • Jazz Full Balance Offer can be activated by using code *408#, which Jazz provides. 
  • The status of the Jazz Balance Offer can be checked by dialing code *408*2#.


Jazz Full Balance Offe

Validity 30 Days
Subscription code*408#
Status code*408*2#
Price Rs. 200

Terms & Conditions 

  • Ensure that you are using a PTA-authorized SIM card to avail of this offer.
  • Please note that this offer is available for a limited time only, so take advantage of it while it lasts.
  • This offer is exclusively available to Mobilink prepaid users.
  • The offer is not applicable for international recharges.
  • You can use the Mobilink helpline number to block unknown calls and SMS messages for added security and convenience.
  • To receive the complete recharge amount back, a minimum recharge of PKR 200 is required.
  • Users who recharge above PKR 200 will receive Rs 200 in balance, irrespective of the amount they load.

How can I get a Jazz Full Balance Offer? 

1. Check Availability

First, make sure the Jazz Full Balance Offer is currently available. 

2. Subscription Code

Once you’ve confirmed the offer is available, you’ll need to dial the specific subscription code *408# provided by Jazz to activate the Full Balance Offer. 

3. Confirmation

After dialing the subscription code, you should receive a confirmation message or notification indicating that the Jazz Balance Offer has been successfully activated on your number.

4. Enjoy the Benefits

Once subscribed, you can enjoy the benefits of the Full Balance Offer, which includes a combination of talk time, text messages, and mobile data, depending on the specific terms of the offer.

How much Load is required for Jazz Full Balance Offer?

The amount of load or balance required for the Jazz Full Offer can vary depending on the specific promotion or package that Jazz is currently offering. These offers often come in different denominations and may have different requirements.

Mobilink has consistently maintained a leading position in providing top-notch services and packages to its customers. Recently, the network introduced a groundbreaking offer aimed at ensuring that there are no deductions on recharges of Rs 200 or more.

In practical terms, this signifies that users will receive the entire amount loaded when they recharge. This remarkable offer is exclusively available to customers using the Jazz Warid networks. By following the steps outlined below, users can make their accounts eligible to enjoy a full recharge each time, maximizing the value of their mobile balance.

Can I get a Jazz Full Balance Offer in other Countries? 

The availability of the Jazz Full Balance package or any specific Jazz offer outside of Pakistan would depend on Jazz’s international roaming policies and agreements with foreign mobile network operators. 

Jazz offers and promotions are designed for use within Pakistan. When you travel abroad, your mobile phone may automatically connect to a local network through international roaming, and the offers and rates can be different.

What happens if I recharge less than the minimum required amount?

If you recharge less than the minimum required amount for the Jazz Balance Offer, you typically won’t be eligible to avail of the offer. The full balance offer usually has a minimum recharge threshold (e.g., PKR 200 or another specified amount), and you need to meet or exceed this amount to receive the complete recharge without any deductions.

In such cases, you will receive a regular recharge with the standard tax deductions applied, just like any other recharge on your mobile account. To take advantage of the Jazz Balance Offer, it’s essential to ensure that your recharge amount meets or exceeds the specified minimum requirement as per the terms of the offer.

Can I get a refund if I recharge but don’t use the balance?

Mobile operators like Jazz do not offer refunds for unused mobile balances after a recharge. Once you’ve added a balance to your account, it is considered non-refundable and cannot be converted back into cash or transferred to another account.

It’s important to be mindful of your recharge amount and usage to avoid recharging more than you need. Additionally, make sure to read the terms and conditions associated with any specific offers or promotions to understand how your balance will be used and if there are any restrictions on its usage.

If you have concerns about your balance or specific situations, it’s advisable to contact Jazz’s customer support for assistance and clarification on their policies. They can provide guidance based on your circumstances.

Is the Jazz Full Balance Offer available for both new and existing customers?

The availability of the Jazz Full Balance Offer for both new and existing customers can vary based on the specific terms and conditions set by Jazz at any given time. Mobile operators often introduce promotions and offers that may target one or both categories of customers.

To determine if the Jazz Balance Offer is available to you as a new or existing customer. 

Jazz Full Balance Offer Characteristics

1. Complete Recharge Amount

Users receive the entire amount recharged without any deductions for taxes or fees.

2. Prepaid Users

This offer is specifically designed for Jazz prepaid customers.

3. Minimum Recharge

To avail of the full balance, a minimum recharge amount (e.g., PKR 200) is required.

4. Limited Time

The offer is available for a limited duration and may have specific start and end dates.

5. Local Recharge 

It is applicable for local recharges and is not valid for international recharges.

6. Automatic Activation 

There’s no need for a separate subscription; the offer is automatically activated upon meeting the minimum recharge requirement.

7. Value for Money

Users can enjoy cost savings as they get the full value of their recharges.

8. Transparency 

The offer promotes transparency in mobile balance usage, eliminating unexpected deductions.

9. Helpline Assistance 

Users can utilize the Mobilink helpline for assistance, including blocking unknown calls and SMS.

10. User-Focused

This offer caters to the needs of Jazz prepaid users, enhancing their mobile experience.

Advantages of Jazz Full Balance Offer 

1. No Tax Deduction

One of the primary benefits is that there is no tax deduction on recharges of a specified amount (e.g., Rs 200 or more). This means you receive the full recharge amount to use as you wish.

2. Cost Savings

By getting the full recharge amount without deductions, you save money that would have otherwise been deducted as taxes or fees.

3. Flexible Usage

The offer provides you with a balance that can be used for various purposes, such as making calls, sending SMS, and using mobile data.

4. Convenience

It simplifies your mobile usage as you don’t have to worry about deductions or hidden charges when recharging.

5. Value for Money

You get more value for your recharge, which can be particularly beneficial if you are a frequent mobile user.

6. Enhanced Connectivity

With a full balance, you can stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues without interruptions.


The Jazz Balance Offer is a promotion that allows Jazz prepaid users to receive the complete recharge amount when they recharge their mobile balance without any deductions.

The offer is available exclusively for Jazz prepaid users.

You can activate the offer by recharging a minimum of PKR 200. There is no need to subscribe separately; the full balance will be automatically credited.

No, the Jazz Balance Offer is not available for international recharges. It is applicable for local recharges only.


Jazz Full Balance Offer stands as a customer-centric initiative by Mobilink, tailored to enhance the value of mobile recharges for Jazz prepaid users. By eliminating tax deductions on recharges of PKR 200 or more, this promotion provides subscribers with the complete recharge amount, ensuring transparency and cost savings. 

It is a limited-time opportunity that simplifies mobile usage and offers a convenient way to stay connected without unexpected deductions. This offer underscores Jazz’s commitment to delivering value and an improved user experience, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a hassle-free and rewarding mobile service.

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