Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 30

Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 30

Introducing the Ufone Upower card, your ultimate companion for seamless connectivity and unmatched user experience. With incredible value, the Upower card, priced at just RS.30 is designed to provide uninterrupted communication and exceptional engagement. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or always on the go, this card ensures you stay connected with your loved ones, colleagues, and the world around you. With the Ufone Upower card, you can enjoy various exciting features and benefits.

Upower Package Daily – All in One

For just Rs. 30, Ufone offers an astonishing “Upower Package Daily — All in One” that includes 250 MBs of the Internet, 10 Off-net Minutes, and 200 On Net Minutes.

Upower Package Daily – Internet

Upower Package Daily Internet gives you 1000 MBs of the Internet, including 500 MBs (from 2 am to 2 pm) daily for only Rs. 30. To activate, dial *123*1*CARD NUMBER#.

Upower Package Daily – For all Network Calls

Upower Package Daily — For all Network Calls to activate this offer, dial *123*2*CARD NUMBER#. For just Rs. 30, you may get 25 Offnet Minutes + On Net Minutes Daily. Dial *123*3*CARD NUMBER# to activate this package.

Upower Package Daily – PTCL Calls and U-U Calls

For just Rs. 30, you may get U-U/PTCL Unlimited Minutes per Day (*1200 minutes of fair usage apply). Dial *123*4*CARD NUMBER# to activate this promotion.

How do I subscribe to Upower 250?

Ufone 4G customers can avail of the offer by dialing *1234# from their handsets.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Offers are valid for Ufone prepaid users. 
  • There are no additional fees for UPower.
  • There will be no call setup fees if the user has an Upower bundle other than the Internet bundle (Option 2). The UPower Rs. 30 has a 24-hour expiration date.
  • After the expiration date, the 512 Kbps charge pulse and the base cost of Rs. 2.75 per MB are applied. 
  • Additionally, you qualify for 150 MBs of free data till midnight on 25 MBs.
  • After resource usage, fees will be assessed in accordance with the tariff plan.
  • On all UPower packages, the initial seven balance inquiry requests are free. After that, balance inquiries come with a regular fee.
  • By dialing the appropriate Call To Action, UPower scratch cards can be loaded with standard balance.
  • Use only SIM cards provided by Biometric Verification – PTA.


The Ufone Upower card is a prepaid card offered by Ufone, a telecommunications company. It provides users with a convenient way to recharge their Ufone accounts and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

The usage of the Upower card for international calls or SMS depends on the specific package or offer associated with your Ufone account. It is recommended to check with Ufone’s customer service or refer to the package details for more information.


The Upower card ensures ample talk time, SMS, and data to connect with your loved ones, colleagues, and the wider world. It enables you to make crystal-clear calls, send messages, and browse the internet at lightning-fast speeds. Why then wait? Get the Ufone Upower card for only RS 30 to access a world of engagement and communication. Stay connected, take control of your situation, and set out on a digital journey that keeps you at the forefront of what matters. 

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