Jazz Monthly Package

Jazz Monthly Package

Jazz Monthly Package gives you SMS, minutes, and MB. Jazz, a prominent telecommunications provider, offers a range of jazz monthly packages tailored to meet the diverse communication needs of its customers. These packages encompass a variety of services, including voice calls, SMS, and data, allowing users to stay connected seamlessly. 

Whether it’s for individuals seeking affordable communication solutions or businesses requiring comprehensive connectivity, the Jazz package monthly is designed to provide flexibility and value for a wide spectrum of users.

With competitive pricing and diverse options, Jazz ensures that its monthly packages cater to the evolving communication preferences of its clientele.

Jazz stands out in the telecommunications landscape as a leading provider committed to delivering effective and accessible communication solutions. Its monthly packages are meticulously crafted to address the dynamic requirements of users, offering a comprehensive suite of services such as voice calls, SMS, and data.

The versatility of the Jazz packages monthly extends their appeal to both individual users looking for cost-effective communication plans and businesses in need of robust connectivity. Jazz prioritizes flexibility and value in its packages, ensuring that users receive tailored solutions that align with their communication needs.

Boasting competitive pricing and a diverse array of options, Jazz continues to adapt to the changing communication landscape, reaffirming its dedication to meeting the evolving preferences of its diverse clientele.

How to subscribe? 

You can activate the Jazz monthly package by dialing code *7335#.


Jazz Monthly Package

Free MBs 80 GB
On-Net Mins2000
Validity 30 days
Subscription code *7335#
Price Rs. 1,218
Recharge Required 1,400

Can I subscribe to the Jazz Package Monthly multiple times a month?

The Jazz package monthly is designed for a one-time subscription per month. Subscribing multiple times within the same month may not yield additional benefits, and standard charges may apply.

Is the Jazz Monthly Package available for both prepaid and postpaid users?

The Jazz package monthly is primarily targeted at prepaid users. Postpaid users may have separate packages and plans tailored to their needs. It is advisable to check with Jazz customer support for specific postpaid offerings.

How can I check the remaining minutes, SMS, and data balance in the Jazz Monthly Package?

You can check your remaining balance through the Jazz official app/website. This information is also usually sent to you via SMS periodically during the month.

Can I use the Jazz Monthly Package while roaming?

The availability of the Jazz package monthly while roaming depends on the specific terms and conditions of the package. It’s recommended to check with Jazz customer support to confirm whether the package is applicable during roaming.

What happens if I exhaust my monthly package before the month ends?

If you consume all the allocated minutes, SMS, or data before the month ends, you will be charged at standard rates for additional usage. Alternatively, Jazz may offer add-ons or top-up options for users who need extra resources.

Can I unsubscribe from the Jazz Monthly Package before the month is over?

In most cases, the Jazz package monthly is non-refundable and non-transferable. Once subscribed, you cannot cancel the package or get a refund. It is essential to review the terms and conditions before subscribing to understand the commitment.

Is the Jazz Monthly Package eligible for any promotional discounts or special offers?

Explore if some ongoing promotions or discounts can be applied to the package.

What security measures are in place to protect user information associated with the Jazz Monthly Package?

Inquire about the security protocols in place to safeguard user data and privacy.

What is the process for resolving billing discrepancies or issues with the Jazz Monthly Package?

Understand the procedure for addressing billing concerns or discrepancies with the package.

Jazz Monthly Package is used for these cities:

Jazz Monthly Package is used for these cities

Jam Nawaz Ali John Khairpur
Nathan ShahBhit Shah Dadu
Chuhar Jamali Daulatpur Daur Hala
Matiari Mehar Moro Hala Nawabshah Qazi Ahmed
Saeedabad Sakrand
Sanghar Sehwan
ShahdadpurGhauspur Ghotki
Sinjhoro Tando Adam
Badah Bhag Bhiria City Choondiko Daharki
Dera Allah Yar Dera Murad
Dokri Gambat Jamali Dhadar
Jacobabad Garhi Yasin
Kandhkot Garhi Khairo
Khairpur KhanKot Diji Lakhi
Bela Khan Pur Khangarh Khanpur
LarkanaKandiaro Kashmore
LiaqatpurNoori Abad

Advantages of the Jazz Monthly Package 

1. Cost-Effective 

The Jazz package monthly provides a cost-effective solution for users who require a bundled package of minutes, SMS, and data at a monthly rate.

2. Convenience

Subscribers benefit from the convenience of a single, comprehensive package that covers their communication needs for an entire month.

3. All-Inclusive

The package includes on-net and off-net minutes, SMS for both on-net and off-net numbers, and a data allowance, offering a well-rounded communication solution.

4. Predictable Expenses 

With a fixed monthly rate, users can better manage their budgets and have a clear understanding of their communication expenses.

5. Long Validity

The 30-day validity period ensures that subscribers enjoy the package benefits for an extended duration without the need for frequent renewals.

6. Flexibility

Users have the flexibility to make calls, send messages, and use data without worrying about separate charges for each service.

7. Accessibility

The Jazz package monthly is designed to cater to prepaid users, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

8. Customized Offerings

Jazz often tailors its monthly packages to cater to specific user needs, allowing customers to choose packages that align with their preferences.

9. Resource Rollover

In some cases, if users subscribe to the package multiple times, unused resources may be carried forward, providing added value to subscribers.

10. Notification Alerts

Users receive timely notifications about their remaining minutes, SMS, and data balance, helping them stay informed about their usage and plan accordingly.

 Specific Terms & Conditions 

  • The promotion is exclusively accessible to Jazz prepaid customers residing in the specified cities.
  • By dialing *7335#Users will be automatically enrolled in the (10 PM – 7 PM) offer, which is valid for 30 days.
  • Subscribing to this offer is restricted to specific cities, yet the allocated resources can be utilized from any location within Pakistan.
  • Data resources are available for utilization exclusively from 10 PM to 7 PM, while the allocated minutes and SMS can be used 24 hours a day.
  • The bundle is non-renewable, and users are permitted to subscribe to it multiple times.
  • If users opt for multiple subscriptions, the benefits will be extended, and a new validity period will be applied.
  • This is a time-limited offer and is subject to modification at any given time.

General Terms & Conditions 

  • These terms and conditions supplement the general terms and conditions approved by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and accepted by the customer in the CSAF/eCSAF during the activation of the connection/SIM.
  • Jazz retains the authority to establish or modify the cost of any offer, package, or bundle, or to withdraw, alter, or revoke such offerings at its discretion. If mandated by PTA regulations, affected customers will receive advance notice accordingly.
  • The pricing or charges for each offer, package, or bundle are liable to all relevant taxes, if applicable, regardless of the region within the country where the respective offer, package, or bundle is activated or the service is utilized.
  • The charging mechanism designates a certain fraction of the accessible data volume in megabytes from your package for every application or website accessed on your device. As a result, accessing multiple applications and/or websites concurrently could exhaust the entire assigned data volume from your package, triggering charges at the standard rate of your package.
  • The balance and recharge needed for bundles may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • You can report unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages by sending the SENDER’s NUMBER followed by your message to 9000 – PTA.
  • Utilizing a SIM card not registered in your name or permitting others to use your SIM is considered a criminal offense, as stated by PTA.
  • Call 420 to prevent unwanted calls and messages (standard charges apply).
  • To stop unwanted marketing communication, you can utilize the “Do Not Call Register” service by sending “ON” or “SUB” to 3627. This service is offered to Jazz customers at no charge.
  • The phrase “Purchase of SIM” refers to a customer obtaining a connection to PMCL’s network for accessing telecommunication and associated services. The SIM card consistently belongs to PMCL, and by providing the SIM to the customer, only usage rights are granted; no ownership is conveyed to the customer in any form. If the customer ceases service, terminates the agreement, or switches networks through MNP, they are obligated to return the SIM to PMCL.
  • The billing date for all postpaid subscribers will shift to the 2nd of each month in 2021. Consequently, customers will receive a distinct bill for the variance in days for the current month. Minimum/MB charges will be calculated proportionally based on the package.
  • Information regarding applicable taxes/fees on usage and recharge in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) is outlined below:
  • The income tax in advance is levied at a rate of 15% on every recharge.
  • The sales tax rate in the Federal Territory of Islamabad stands at 16%.
  • The sales tax rate in the rest of Pakistan and AJK is 19.5%.
  • GB is exempt from taxes.
  • A fee of PKR 50 will be imposed for bills that are not settled by the due date.


The Jazz Monthly Package is a subscription plan offered by Jazz, a telecommunications company. It provides users with a bundle of services, including 2000 minutes, 2000 SMS, and 80 GB data, valid for one month.

Understand the cancellation policies and whether any charges apply for early termination.

Check if there are options for transferring or gifting the package benefits to another user.


Jazz Monthly Package provides an all-encompassing and user-friendly solution for individuals in search of combined minutes, SMS, and data services. With its affordability, adaptability, and a range of inclusive features, it accommodates a variety of communication requirements. However, users should be mindful of specific conditions, such as the non-refundable nature of the package, fair usage policies, and the potential for alterations to the offer.

The advantages of the package, coupled with its simplicity, establish it as a valuable option for those desiring a consistent and effective monthly communication plan. It is advisable to regularly review the most recent terms and conditions for precise and up-to-date information.

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