Jazz Notify Me

Jazz Notify Me

Through the Jazz Notify Me service, users receive text messages on their mobile phones to be informed about the availability of the called party, even in cases where the called party was previously out of coverage or had their phone switched off.

Jazz Notify Me efficiently monitors the status of the called number for 48 hours. When the called number becomes accessible, users receive a notification via SMS. This feature enables users to promptly reconnect with their desired number as soon as it becomes available, ensuring they don’t miss important calls or opportunities due to unavailability. 

In the fast-paced world of mobile communication, staying connected is paramount. Jazz understands the importance of keeping you in the loop, even when the circumstances seem challenging. That’s where Jazz Notify Me steps in to bridge the gap.

With the Jazz Notify Me, users receive timely text messages right on their mobile phones, providing them with crucial updates on the availability of the called party. This remarkable feature comes to the rescue, especially in situations where the called party was previously out of coverage or had their phone switched off. 

Jazz Notify Me acts as your vigilant companion, diligently monitoring the status of the called number for 48 hours. During this time frame, it keeps a watchful eye on the called party’s phone, ensuring that you are promptly informed when it becomes accessible.

You have been trying to reach an important contact, but they have been temporarily unavailable. Jazz Service Notify Me takes away the uncertainty. As soon as the called number becomes reachable, your phone will receive a notification via SMS. It’s like having a personal assistant that keeps track of your crucial connections for you.

So, if you are catching up with friends, making important business deals, or simply staying in touch with loved ones, Jazz Notify Me is your go-to solution for uninterrupted communication. Stay connected and stay informed with Jazz Service. Notify Me because your connections are worth every message.

How to Subscribe? 

  • You can activate Jazz Service by notifying me by using code * 6528#.
  • If you want to unsubscribe from Jazz, Notify Me by dialing code *6528*1#.


Jazz Notify Me

Subscription code*6528#
Unsubscription code*6528*1#
Charges1.89 per day

General Terms & Conditions 

  • Jazz retains the authority and discretion to establish or modify the pricing or rates associated with any offer, package, or bundle, as well as the right to withdraw, alter, or revoke such offers, packages, or bundles at its discretion. In cases where PTA’s regulations mandate it, appropriate advance notice will be provided to impacted customers.
  • The price or charges associated with each offer, package, or bundle will be inclusive of all relevant taxes, if applicable, regardless of the geographic location within the country where the respective offer, package, or bundle is activated, or the service is available.
  • The charging system allocates a specific portion of the available data volume in megabytes (MBs) from your package to be used when opening or accessing each application or website on your device. Consequently, if you simultaneously open or access multiple applications and websites, it could lead to the utilization of your entire available data volume in MBs from your package, and standard charges based on your package’s base rate may commence.
  • The balance amount and the recharge required for bundles may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • Unwanted and unethical messages can be reported by sending a text message to 9000, where you should include the SENDER’s NUMBER followed by a space and your message. The PTA facilitates this reporting process to address such issues.
  • Using a SIM card that is not registered in your name or permitting others to use your SIM card is considered a violation of regulations by the PTA.
  • You can dial 420 to block unsolicited calls and messages (charges may apply).
  • You can prevent unsolicited marketing communication by utilizing the “Do Not Call Register” service. To activate this service, text “ON” or “SUB” to 3627. It’s a free service offered exclusively to Jazz customers.
  • The term “Purchase of SIM” refers to the act of a customer obtaining a connection to the PMCL network to access telecommunications and related services. It’s essential to understand that the SIM card always remains the property of PMCL. When PMCL issues a SIM card to a customer, it grants the customer the right to use it, but no ownership is transferred to the customer in any way. Therefore, the customer is obligated to return the SIM card to PMCL if they discontinue using the service, terminate the agreement, or switch networks through MNP (Mobile Number Portability).
  • Starting in 2024, the bill date for all postpaid subscribers will be adjusted to the 2nd day of each month. As a result of this change, customers will receive a separate bill for the difference in days for the month of implementation. The minimum/MB charging will be prorated in accordance with their package. This alteration aims to streamline billing processes and ensure fairness in charges for the modified billing cycle.
  • Information regarding the applicable taxes and charges on usage and recharge in Pakistan and AJK is outlined below:
  • An advance income tax rate of 15% is applied to each recharge.
  • The rate of sales tax in the Federal Territory of Islamabad is 16%.
  • In the rest of Pakistan and AJK, the rate of sales tax is 19.5%.
  • GB (Gilgit-Baltistan) is exempt from these taxes.
  • A late payment fee of PKR 50 will be levied on bills that remain unpaid after the due date.

Advantages of Jazz Notify Me Service 

1. Enhanced Connectivity

It keeps you informed about the availability of called parties, ensuring you stay connected even when they were previously out of coverage or had their phones switched off.

2. Timely Notifications

You receive SMS notifications promptly, allowing you to reach out to your desired contacts as soon as they become reachable.

3. No Missed Calls

It helps you avoid missing important calls or opportunities due to unavailability, which can be crucial for both personal and business communication.

4. User-Friendly 

Activating and deactivating the service is simple, making it accessible to all Jazz customers.

5. Cost-Efficient

The service is designed to provide valuable information without additional charges, making it a cost-effective way to stay connected.

6. Convenience

Jazz Notify Me offers a hassle-free solution to the common issue of missed calls due to unavailability, adding convenience to your communication experience.


The Jazz service Notify Me is a feature that enables you to check the availability of a mobile number, even if it was previously switched off or out of network coverage. This service helps you stay informed about the status of the called party, ensuring you are aware of their availability for communication.

To activate Jazz Service Notify Me, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your phone’s dialer.

2. Dial the code *6528#.

3. Press the call button.

After dialling this code, the Jazz Service Notify Me service should be activated, allowing you to receive notifications about the availability of called numbers, even if they were previously switched off or out of coverage.

To unsubscribe from the Jazz Service Notify Me service, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your phone’s dialer.

2. Dial the code *6528*1#.

3. Press the call button.

This should deactivate the Jazz Service Notify Me service, and you will no longer receive notifications about the availability of called numbers.


Jazz Notify Me service offers valuable convenience to users by allowing them to stay updated on the availability of called numbers, even when those numbers were previously switched off or out of network coverage.

By dialing a simple code, users can activate this service and receive timely notifications via SMS. Conversely, when they no longer wish to use the service, unsubscribing is just as straightforward.

Jazz Notify Me enhances the overall communication experience, ensuring users never miss important calls or opportunities due to unavailability. It’s a practical tool for staying connected in an ever-connected world.

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