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Finding quality resources and information on the internet is difficult in the present era. Mobilepakages. pk is the most reliable informational web portal providing you with all information about telecommunication, including internet packages and mobile packages of all networks. Our team provides information about the latest packages like internet, call, SMS, and device packages.

Usman Shah

The founder of mobilepakages.pk and a strategist. He has experience in breaking news in the communication sector for years.

Hassan Ali

He is an expert in digital marketing and a business advisor.  He has a strategic role in bringing the latest updates to you and providing information about the latest Telecom news.

Muhammad Asif

An expert content writer and strategist plays an important role in providing the latest internet packages. He strives in bringing the latest Telecom news in the most efficient way to you with his best knowledge.

We are also providing you with all the categories of social media packages of all networks, including Facebook packages, YouTube packages, and WhatsApp packages, with the latest prices and mechanics. We will provide the information about the boxes according to your interest.

Mobilepakages. pk is the web portal that provides all package codes, including activation, deactivation, status, and information codes of all Pakistan’s networks like jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Zong,  etc.

We provide information about international internet packages, international SMS packages, and international call packages with prices and mechanics. You can easily get all location-based packages of all Pakistan’s networks on our web portal, as our team provides you with all packages according to your needs.