Telenor Raat Din Offer

Telenor Raat Din Offer

Telenor Raat Din Offer can be activated by dialling the code *150# from your SIM. Embrace a thrilling escape from the ordinary and infuse your life with excitement and curiosity through the Telenor 4G Din Raat Bundle. Unleash the power of best-in-class 4G, immersing yourself in faster speeds and a generous 1.5 GB of data.

How to Subscribe?

  • You can activate the Telenor Raat Din package by dialling code *150# from your SIM.


Telenor Raat Din Offer

Free MBs1.5 GB
Subscription Code *150#
Validity 1 Day
Price Rs. 18

Terms & Conditions

  • The Telenor 4G Din Raat Bundle extends its benefits to all Telenor GSM Prepaid customers, ensuring eligibility for everyone. 
  • Enjoy the perks without worrying about call setup charges, as they do not apply to this bundle. 
  • The price and resources may vary depending on geographic location. 
  • To maximise your benefits, resources from multiple subscriptions within a day will be seamlessly merged. 
  • The bundle won’t auto-renew upon expiration, and subscribers have the flexibility to avail of the offer multiple times within its validity period.

Is the Raat Din Offer available for multiple days with a single subscription?

The offer is valid for one day only and needs to be subscribed to daily if you wish to avail of its benefits.

Can I use the Raat Din Offer for international roaming?

The offer is valid for domestic usage only and cannot be used while roaming internationally.


The Telenor Raat Din Offer is a special package that provides users with 1.5 GB of free internet data for 12 hours, from 12 AM to 12 PM, valid for one day, for Rs. 18 including taxes.

You can activate the Raat Din Offer by dialling the code *150# from your Telenor SIM.

The offer activates at midnight and remains active until noon on the same day.


Experience the thrill of breaking away from the ordinary with the Telenor 4G Din Raat Bundle. Stay connected day and night with lightning-fast speeds and 1.5 GB of data, embracing excitement and curiosity at every turn.

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