Telenor Weekly Sports Package

Telenor Weekly Sports Package

With the Telenor Weekly Sports Package, you can enjoy 1500 MBs of internet with high speed. Enjoy exclusive access to live matches with the best sports offer, accompanied by FREE streaming on Cricwick throughout the season.

How to Subscribe?

You can activate the offer by using code*345*74# from your SIM.


Telenor Weekly Sports Package

Free MBs1.5 GB
Subscription Code*345*74#
Validity 7 Day
Price Rs. 30

Termes & Conditions

  • This exclusive offer is open to all Telenor GSM Prepaid customers, ensuring everyone can enjoy the excitement of the game.
  • With no call setup charges applicable, you can dive straight into the action hassle-free.
  • If you find yourself running low on resources before the package expires, fret not additional usage will be charged at Rs 1/MB including tax until the package duration ends.
  • Prices and resources can vary depending on your geographic location.
  • Stay informed about your remaining MBs balance through the “Usage Remaining” feature on your Home Screen.
  • Remember, resubscribing to this offer within its validity won’t combine the remaining resources from previous subscriptions with new ones.
  • You can subscribe to this package multiple times within its validity period to ensure uninterrupted access to your favourite sports content.

Can I use the data for other purposes besides CricinGif and Cricwik?

The data included in this package is exclusively for accessing CricinGif and Cricwik. It can not be used for other internet browsing or applications.

Will I be charged for accessing CricinGif and Cricwik after the data limit is reached?

Once you have used up the 1500 MBs of data allocated for CricinGif, you can incur standard data charges for any further usage unless you have a separate data plan or package.

Are there any restrictions on which matches I can watch with Cricwik?

Cricwik provides access to a wide range of cricket matches, but availability may vary depending on broadcasting rights and regional restrictions.


The Telenor Weekly Sports offer is a special offer for sports enthusiasts, particularly cricket fans, providing access to live match streaming and other sports content.

The Telenor Weekly Sports Package is valid for one week from the time of activation.

The package offers 1500 MBs of data specifically for CricinGif, allowing users to stay updated with match highlights and other cricket-related content.

You can subscribe to the package by dialling the activation code *345*74# provided by Telenor


Telenor Weekly Sports Pais is a fantastic offering for cricket enthusiasts, providing convenient access to live match streaming and highlights through Cricwik, along with 1500 MBs of dedicated data for CricinGif.

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