Jazz Postpaid Packages- For 30 Days

Jazz Postpaid internet packages

Do you want to avail yourself of postpaid jazz packages? Now you can enjoy unlimited internet data for browsing, music, streaming videos, etc. Jazz gives postpaid internet, SMS, and call packages to its postpaid users every month as it strives to provide the best internet packages to its valued customers. Choose one of the postpaid bundles, make unlimited calls, and text your loved ones.

What are Jazz Postpaid Packages?

Jazz Postpaid packages are those activated without loading the balance, and users pay bills at the end of the month by any jazz payment method. In contrast, prepaid packages are those for which users must load the balance first and then use this balance to activate any internet bundle. Jazz offers both postpaid and prepaid internet services to its customers and students can enjoy discounts with the help of the Ehsaas program, you can check your eligibility from the Ehsaas program CNIC check online 25000.

Jazz postpaid internet packages

Despite prepaid internet packages ,jazz also gives postpaid internet services. There are two types of jazz postpaid packages. One provides only internet data for the month, while the other gives jazz minutes, other network minutes, SMS, and internet data for the entire month. You can activate jazz postpaid internet packages by dialling *777#, and monthly, you will be recharged according to the subscribed package. You can get all information on the postpaid internet by dialing *446#.

Packages NameDetails Price
Gold Basic 10 GB 3000
on-net Mins 
200 off-net Mins
3000 SMS
Gold Plus20 GB 
6000 on-net Mins
400 off-net Mins
6000 SMS
Gold Ultimate 40 GB
10000 on-net Mins
600 off-net Mins
10000 SMS
Gold Value 15 GB
4500 on-net Mins
300 off-net Mins
4500 SMS

Data Offers

Jazz gives splendid jazz postpaid packages to its users for the whole month to enjoy unlimited internet data on mobile phones. With these bundles, you can enjoy streaming videos and music, checking emails, and chatting with your family and friends with unlimited possibilities. You can activate these offers by dialing activation code *446*1*1#.

Package NameDataPrice
Monthly WhatsApp6 GB (WhatsApp)Rs.149
Monthly Super28 GB Rs. 1700
Monthly Supreme  20 GB Rs.1630
Monthly Premium 10 GB  Rs.930
Monthly Ultimate 55 GBRs.3400
Monthly Streamer4 GBRs.460
Monthly Browser1 GB Rs.230


Once-Off Offers

Jazz also gives Once-Off Offer to its postpaid customers at low rates to enjoy unlimited internet data throughout the month. You can activate any of these jazz postpaid packages by dialing *446*1*2#.

Once-Off Offer DataPrice
Add On 11 GBRs.345
Add On 22 GBRs.515
Add On 34 GBRs.690

All-in-one offers

Jazz continues to provide to its customers, and now it has introduced jazz postpaid packages all-on-one offers to its gold customers. Jazz Postpaid all-in-one gives Internet data, all network minutes, and SMS for 30 days, allowing you to get an advantage in the entertainment world. You can activate any of these bundles by dialing the postpaid code for these offers *446*2*1#.

Offer NameDetailsPrice
All in one lite2 GB
100 Mins
1000 SMS
Rs. 345
All in one mega 17 GB
550 Mins
5000 SMS
Rs. 1700
All in one budget 5 GB
225 Mins
2000 SMS
Rs. 850

Jazz Postpaid call packages

jazz postpaid call packages

Bolt-On offers

Despite providing its users the best jazz postpaid packages, it now offers postpaid call packages that can meet users’ communication needs. After activation of Postpaid call packages, you can call on whole local networks and pay bill at the end of the month. All the bundle is auto-subscribed and will activate on your mobile every month. Dial activation code for these offers is *446*3*1#, and enjoy fantastic voice offers for the whole month.

Offer Name Minutes Price 
All network mini225 MinsRs.345
All net Smart 335 MinsRs. 525
All network unlimited 1200 MinsRs.1,575
All net Super 450 MinsRs. 675
All network lite115 MinsRs.189
All network basic 575 MinsRs.850

Once-off offers

With once-off offers, you get a low price for all network minutes for one month. To activate these jazz postpaid packages(once-off offers), dial subscription string *446*3*2# and enjoy calling for a month. Add are not auto-recursive; you must start these bundles again upon expiry.

Offer name Minutes Price
100 All-Net100 MinsRs. 200
200 All-Net200 MinsRs. 400

Jazz Postpaid SMS packages

jazz postpaid SMS packages

Bolt-On offers

Jazz introduces the best SMS solutions for its users at affordable rates for 30 days. You can stay connected to your family and friends 24 hours a month. These bundles have become famous in addition to internet data for WhatsApp usage, and you can enjoy WhatsApp voice and video calling for the whole month. To activate these jazz postpaid packages dial *446*4*1#.

Offer  NameDetails Price
JSMS-1250 Mins250 MBsRs.75
JSMS-2750 Mins750MBsRs.125

Once-off offers

Once-off Offer gives only SMS for the whole month for just Rs.85, including tax. To activate this Offer, dial subscription string *446*4*2# and enjoy 2000 SMS for 30 days with 24-hour availability. Add-on offers are not auto-recursive, and you have to activate these offers again.

Offer  NameDetails Price
Jazz 200 Add on200Rs.85

jazz postpaid packages j300

Introducing Jazz Postpaid J 300, a comprehensive package tailored to meet your communication needs. For just Rs. 300, subscribers enjoy a generous allocation of benefits, including 1000 Jazz Minutes, 150 Other Network Minutes, 500 MB of data, and 150 SMS.

To stay informed about your bill details, simply dial *1111#, and for a quick check on your remaining free Minutes, SMS, and MBs, dial *2222#. Best of all, these services come at no extra cost.

With Jazz Postpaid J 300, staying connected has never been more convenient or affordable.

Jazz Postpaid J 600

Jazz Postpaid J 600, a premium package designed to elevate your communication experience. For just Rs. 600, subscribers unlock a wealth of benefits, including 2000 Jazz Minutes, 300 Other Network Minutes, 1 GB of internet data, and 300 SMS.

But that’s not all—by joining Jazz Gold, subscribers can enjoy an additional 3 GB of data per month for 12 months, further enhancing their connectivity and convenience.

With Jazz Postpaid J 600, staying connected has never been easier or more rewarding. Join today and indulge in seamless communication like never before.

Terms & Conditions

  • Once-Off Offers will not be renewed automatically on the bill date; these are one-time.
  • BOLT-ONS offers are mutually exclusive; one Offer can be subscribed to at a time. By default, the new subscription will be replaced by the old one.
  • Once you use the free resources of an offer, at every 512KB, you will be charged Rs.2+tax/MB.
  • According to the fair usage policy, any data charges will not be applied after the data usage of Rs.2000 on Pay-as-you-use.
  • Rs.50 or a 5% late payment fee will be charged on unpaid bills after the due date. 
  • Remaining free MBs can be checked by dialing *2222#; this service is free.
  • Taxes can be changed at any time by the Government.
  • You can report unwanted messages or spam by sending SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE)’ SENDER’s MESSAGE to 9000-PTA.


To check jazz postpaid internet packages, dial the 111 helplines and press “5” to get all information about internet bundles.

  1. Buy a jazz scratch card from a retailer or franchise and pay a postpaid bill using that card’s amount.
  2. You can pay your jazz bill at a jazz retailer using the jazz Load service.

Yes, Mobilink and Warid customers can enjoy postpaid internet packages as the mobilink and warid were merged under the same brand, “jazz,” in 2017 to provide the best services to their customers.

To check your postpaid bill:

  1. Dial *1111# and receive all bill details by SMS.
  2. Send “1” after sending “Hi” on the jazz WhatsApp number (03003008000).
  3. Dial jazz helpline 777 to get details of your bill.


By activating any of these jazz postpaid packages like internet offers, SMS offers, and Call offers, you can get unlimited data for online streaming, movies, video gaming, calling, messaging, and songs for the whole month at an affordable price. Warid and Mobilink customers can enjoy these offers as they are merged under the same brand.

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