Jazz Weekly Hybrid-Best Jazz Offer

Jazz weekly hybrid

The Jazz weekly hybrid offer is one of the best hybrid bundles, which gives all incentives in a single subscription. After activating this Offer, you don’t need to activate any other package. You can get 1000 MBs,1000 SMS, and 1000 on-net Minus 60 off-net Mins at Rs.150 for 7 days. It is an excellent bundle for jazz customers as it can fulfil all users’ needs.

How to subscribe?

By dialing *407#, you can subscribe to this Offer at Rs.150, including tax.

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Jazz Weekly Hybrid

Free MBs1000
On-Net Mins1000
Off-Net Mins60
Validity 7 Days
Subscription code*407#
Un-subscription code*407*4#
Status code*407*2#
Price Rs.150

Terms & conditions

  • Data MBs are usable on 2G/ 3G and 4G networks. 
  • The speed of the internet depends upon a number of factors like sim, time of the day, number of simultaneous users and distance from 2G/3G/4G site etc. 
  • If you are not subscribed to any other bundle, the base rate will be Rs. 5/MB and the charging pulse will be 512 KB.
  • At the time of subscription, all the minutes will be posted and expire at 23:59 hours of the 7th calendar day. 
  • Call setup charges are applicable. 
  • It is a non-recursive bundle. By dialing its subscription code *407#, you can again avail of this bundle more than once.
  • An overage of Rs.1.2MB is applied.


Jazz’s weekly hybrid offer gives you all incentives in a single subscription. You can get 1000 MBs,1000 SMS, and 1000 on-net Minus 60 off-net Min at Rs.150 for the whole week.

To subscribe to this bundle, dial *407# and enjoy SMS, on-net Mins, off-net Mins and internet data for the whole week. To unsubscribe from this Offer dial *407*4#.


In short, Jazz fulfils all the user’s needs at affordable rates. Moreover, You can get a large amount of data through the Jazz weekly hybrid bundle and stay connected with your beloved ones. So, by dialing code*407#, you can enjoy unlimited incentives for the whole week.

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