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Jazz Free Facebook

Do you want to enjoy the jazz free Facebook offer? Now, Jazz offers its customers a free version of Facebook, which does not consume data and saves MB while customers stay online. Being a jazz customer, with a single tap, you can use Free and Data versions of Facebook. More details are given below about the usage of Facebook for free. You can not upload videos and images by using the free Facebook offer but you can upload videos and images by using the Jazz WhatsApp packages.

How to use Jazz Free Facebook?

  • With free Facebook, not only Facebook, but you can also use other similar websites for free. 
  • On your mobile, While browsing Facebook, you can use Facebook without paying any charges. 
  • To get Jazz free Facebook, open the Facebook app on your mobile and enjoy free Facebook or visit the Facebook website.
  • By free Facebook, you can post a status update and chat. Moreover, you can comment on your status and post without paying any charges. But you will be unable to see videos and images or upload a photo or a video.

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Jazz Free Facebook

Free MBsUnlimited
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 1 Day
Price Rs. 0

Terms & Conditions

  • The Jazz Free Facebook version allows users to move between two modes, accessible mode, and data mode. 
  • If you want to see videos and images, click on the” View Photos” button and switch to data mode. You will be charged on data mode according to your package plan. 
  • To return to accessible mode, click ” Go to Free ” at the top of your timeline. Only mobile devices are accessible to this app. 
  • New Facebook users are eligible to use free Facebook for 30 days.
  • You have to do so to turn off background data sync;
    1. Open the menu of the primary setting.
    2. Under ‘Wireless and Networks, ’ select Data usage.
    3. Click on the menu
    4. ‘Restrict background data’ should be checked.
  • Make sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked. Any other mobile internet package can be used while using this mode.
  • If you are in a country where a complimentary basis is available in many languages, then you have to select your language. Go to ‘Setting’ in the menu, at the upper right corner, and ‘Change Language.


Yes, Jazz offers a free version of Facebook to its customers, which does not consume any data while the users stay online. With free Facebook, not only Facebook, but you can also use other similar websites for free.

Simply open Facebook app on your mobile and use free Facebook. You can also enjoy free Facebook by visiting the Facebook website.

No, you can’t post images and videos by using free Facebook. You have to switch to data mode to post images or videos.


Jazz gives its customers many opportunities to use the free internet. One of the best offers is Jazz free Facebook which can be used with zero balance.

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