Jazz Weekly Voice Offer

Jazz weekly voice offer

With Jazz Weekly Voice Offer, you can enjoy 1000 On-Net minutes and connect with family and friends for 7 days without interruption. Charges required to activate this offer are Rs.100 including tax. If you want to subscribe to this superb offer; dial activation code *211#. Jazz and Warid users can also share 30 minutes of jazz with jazz by dialing code *308#. Those people who use jazz sims can check the sharing minutes status by dialing sharing code *308*2#. The price of sharing minutes will be Rs.2, including tax.

How to Subscribe?

  • Dial code *211# to activate this offer.
  • To check the status of Jazz Weekly Voice Offer, dial the status code *211*2#.
  • You share 30 jazz-to-jazz minutes dial *308#.
  • 30-sharing minutes fee will be Rs. 2, including tax.

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Jazz Weekly Voice Offer

Free MBs
On-Net Mins1000 Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 7 Days
Subscription code*211#
Un-subscription code*211*4#
Info code *211*3#
Status code*211*2#
Price Rs.100

Terms & Conditions

  • Call setup charges are applicable Rs. 0.15
  • Jazz users activate Jazz Weekly Voice Offer by dialing code *211#.
  • If you have no Rs. 2 so you can’t share 30 minutes
  • Customers subscribe to this superb offer for Rs. 100, including tax, and you get 1000 minutes
  • You can subscribe to this package at any time of the day.
  • This offer will not be subscribed to automatically. 
  • Users get this splendid offer again after expiry.
  • To share 30 minutes of jazz to jazz, dial code *308#.
  • This bundle is usable for 7 days.


By dialing this code *211#, you will activate Jazz Weekly Voice Offer and get 1000 minutes for the whole week for just Rs. 100, including tax. With this offer, you can also share 30 minutes with your friends by dialing its code *211*2#.

Jazz and Warid users can share 30 minutes by dialing code *308# with the Jazz voice infinity offer that gives you 1000 minutes for the whole week. You check the status of this splendid bundle by dialing code *211*2#.


In short, this amazing bundle gives 1000 minutes to jazz users who love calling their loved ones for just Rs. 100 with tax for 7 days. The recharge amount is Rs. 120 for subscribing to this voice offer. You can also unsubscribe from Jazz Weekly Voice Offer when you want and activate this offer again by dialing the activation code.

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