Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Offer

Ufone weekly Heavy Internet

Are you worried about running out of internet data before the week is over? Look no further than Ufone’s Weekly Heavy Internet package, designed to keep you connected and engaged without any worries. Ufone Weekly  Heavy Internet Package is an exciting offer that gives 16 GB of internet of data plus 8GB from 1 AM to 9 AM for only Rs.250, including tax, for 7 days.

With Ufone’s blazing-fast network and generous data allowance, you can stream your favorite movies, indulge in online gaming, stay connected on social media, and explore the vast depths of the internet to your heart’s content. Stay engaged, stay connected, and enjoy the digital world fully with Ufone.

How to Subscribe?

  • You have to dial *270# code for the activation of the Ufone weekly  Heavy Internet offer. 
  • If you want to get more information, you have to dial the status code *707#.

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Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet

Free MBs16GB
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 7 Days
Subscription code*270#
Status code*707#
Price Rs.250

Terms & Conditions

  • You will receive all of the buckets, tax included. 
  • It is a recursive bundle.
  • Subscribe to buckets by dialing *3#.
  • The fees for checking the remaining MBs will be included. 
  • Numerous elements, including geographic locale, subscriber count, amount of web pages, and computers, impact internet speed.
  • Prepaid customers have access to all Ufone bundles.
  • The fees for checking the remaining MBs will be included.
  • The default traffic charge is 2.75+ tax per megabyte.
  • After the data bundle expires, different sessions will be charged separately on the average mobile package rate.
  • The FUP for Social daily buckets is 100MB.
  • Multiple subscriptions may use weekly 3G buckets.
  • For the same bucket, different subscriptions are not permitted.
  •  The user will pay Rs. 20 for the first MB of data and receive the following 19 MBs for free. After that, they will be charged for the next MB and receive the following 19 MBs for free, and so on.
  • Every day, at 00:00, the volume accumulator will reset, as is the case now.
  • The volume utilized for WhatsApp voice calls will not be deducted from the bucket volume and will be paid at the default rate.


Ufone’s Weekly Heavy Internet package is a data plan that provides a generous amount of data for a duration of one week. It is designed for users who require substantial internet data for their online activities.

Yes, you can use the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet package on any device that supports mobile data, including smartphones and tablets.


Ufone’s Weekly Heavy Internet package is the perfect solution for those seeking a reliable, high-speed internet connection that lasts the week. With its generous data allowance and fast network, Ufone ensures you stay connected and engaged in the digital world without interruptions. Now, activate this bundle and enjoy its features.

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