Ufone Super Internet Offer

Ufone Super Internet offer

Are you tired of slow internet connections hindering productivity and online experiences? Look no further. Introducing Ufone Super Internet, which is the ultimate solution to all your internet woes. With the Ufone Super Internet offer, you can now enjoy lightning-fast browsing, seamless streaming, and uninterrupted downloads, ensuring you stay connected and engaged with the digital world like never before. It provides 1500 MBs for only Rs.160, including tax, for 7 days. 

Say goodbye to buffering and lagging while streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, or videos. Ufone Internet packages have blazing-fast speeds, allowing you to immerse yourself in high-definition content without interruptions. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast craving smooth gameplay or a professional relying on a stable internet connection for your work, Ufone Super Internet has got you covered.

Not only does Super Internet offer remarkable speed, but it also guarantees reliability and consistent performance. Ufone’s robust network infrastructure allows you to enjoy a seamless online experience, even during peak hours or in crowded areas.

How to Subscribe?

  • You can activate the Super Internet offer by dialing the *220# code. Moreover, you can also subscribe to this offer through the ‘My Ufone’ App.


Ufone Super Internet Offer

Free MBs1500
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 7 Days
Subscription code*220#
Status code*706#
Price Rs.160

Terms & Conditions

  • Various factors affect internet speed, web pages, and computers.
  • After expiry, you activate this offer at any time of day. 
  • All packages Ufone are available for prepaid users.
  • This offer can be changed at any time. 
  • There is no extra tax for Super Card Plus, Mini Super Card, and Super Minutes.


Ufone Super Internet offer is a data package offered by Ufone for its prepaid customers, which provides 1500MBs of mobile internet data for a week.

The Ufone Weekly Super Internet offer can only be used on Ufone’s 4G network.


Ufone Weekly Super Internet offer is an excellent option for those who require a significant amount of data for their weekly internet needs. With this offer, customers can enjoy a large amount of internet data for a week at an affordable price.

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