Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer

Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer-Monthly offer

Do you want unlimited data for the whole month with the fastest internet speed? Now, jazz is introducing a fantastic bundle, the Jazz super 4G welcome back offer that gives you 50 GB internet data for a month with 4G internet speed. With this splendid offer, you can enjoy movies, videos, music, many calls, messaging, and much more for 30 days without interruption.

You can activate this offer by dialing its subscription code *6363*8# and enjoy unlimited internet data for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat & Twitter, etc. The charges for jazz super 4G welcome back offer are Rs.12000, including tax, and you will get Free 15 GB of data from 6 AM to 6 PM for reactivation of this offer. All the details of this jazz internet package are given below, which will help you in the activation of this offer.

How to subscribe?

  • You can subscribe to this fantastic bundle by dialing code*6363*8#.
  • You can activate this offer multiple times in 90 days, and the incentive will add, and the new validity will be applicable.
  • Only eligible users can activate Jazz super 4G welcome back offer on MBB and OCN numbers.
  • When you become a part of the charm pool base, a notification SMS is sent to your mobile.
  • Details of reactivation are shared on 90 days + 30th,60th, and 80th days for user convenience.

Usage and notifications

  • Offer usage is accessible by dialing *6363*4#.
  • Dial *6363*8# to subscribe to reactivation.
  •  Offer usage notifications are sent to MBB and OCN numbers.
  • Login to (device portal) to dial USSD and use its dialer option 
  • 6363 menus can be accessed from the device, and the prepaid SIM is marked as another contact number.


Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer

Free MBs50000 MBs
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 30 days
Subscription code*6363*8#
Price Rs.1200

Terms & Conditions

  • MBs are usable for 24 hours(no time limit)
  • The subscription fee is Rs. 12000(including tax), and no extra charges are applied.
  • Customers get 20 GB of data for a total of Rs. 370 recharge for seven days.
  • The data allowance will be usable in 2G,3G, and 2G network areas.
  • This offer is non-recursive, and you have to again subscribe to this offer upon expiry.
  • To check your eligibility for this offer, dial *6363# and go to option 4. If you are eligible, all the details of this offer will be displayed on your device.
  • All dormant users can activate this offer if they have not used a Dongle sim for three or more months.


Jazz super 4G welcome back offer gives you 50 GB of internet data with high-interest speed for Rs.1200, including tax. You can enjoy 50GB of internet data for 30 days by dialing *6363*8#.

Jazz gives 50GB of internet data only to eligible users. To check eligibility for jazz super 4G offer, dial *6363# and go to option 4. If you qualify, then all subscription details will share with you. Only those users who have not been using their SIMs for the last three months or more are eligible for this offer.


In short, being Pakistan’s most significant communication company, jazz has introduced several monthly others to its users. Similarly, jazz has brought jazz super 4G welcome back offer to its valued customers for a month of Rs.12000, including tax.

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