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Jazz monthly max offer

Jazz monthly packages often come with bonus incentives, such as free access to popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, allowing users to stay connected with friends and family. Now Jazz is introducing a jazz monthly max offer.

Jazz frequently introduces new and innovative monthly packages, keeping up with the evolving needs of its users and ensuring that they have access to the latest communication features and technologies.

The Jazz Monthly Max Package is an all-in-one hybrid package that offers unlimited resources for connecting with friends. It provides a combination of SMS, call minutes, and internet data for a monthly duration of 30 days. This package is available exclusively for prepaid users.

Jazz Monthly Max brings 40 GB data, 500 all-network minutes, 3000 jazz to jazz minutes & 3000 SMS to all networks. This superb bundle requires only Rs.1215, including activation tax, and can be used for a month (30 days).

The 30 GB of the internet is used for multiple purposes, such as playing games, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube & Snapchat, with 4G high speed.

How to Subscribe?

  • By dialing activation code *708#, you activate this offer.
  • You can check the status of Monthly Max by dialing code *708*2#.
  • You can unsubscribe from this bundle by dialing code *708*4#.
  • You can get all information by dialing *708*3#.

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Jazz Monthly Max

Free MBs40000
On-Net Mins3000
Off-Net Mins500
Validity 30 Days
Subscription code*708#
Un-subscription code7084#
Info code *708*3#
Status code*708*2#
Price Rs.1215

Terms & Conditions

  • The speed of the jazz internet depends on different factors such as sim, device, computer, and web pages. These are essential factors that are referred to as internet speed effectors
  • Monthly Max Offer is non-recursive, and you have to dial the code of this bundle to get this offer more than once. 
  • You will use sms, data, and minutes for 24 hours. In simple words, you have no time limit on this offer. 
  • You will get 4G high speed in 4G network areas. 
  • This package can be changed at any time by jazz companies. 
  • Different activations of this fantastic offer are allowed.
  • You will pay tax with this offer when you get this bundle for a month.
  • When you are not activated to any offer, the base rate can be charged Rs. 5/MB. The charging pulse is 512 KB. 
  • You will not pay a call setup fee with this bundle. 
  • The overage of this bundle is Rs. 2.25/MB for all internet packages.


The SMS and call minutes included in the package can be used to communicate with any network in Pakistan. The benefits of this offer can be utilized on all networks in Pakistan, including Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid, and Telenor.

Benefits Of Coverage

1. Jazz Monthly Max Popularity

Jazz Monthly Max is one of the most popular monthly packages in Pakistan due to its generous data, minutes, and SMS allowances.

2. Data Usage Trends

It would be beneficial to mention some common use cases for the 30 GB of data provided in the package. For example, 30 GB of data is sufficient for streaming around 30 hours of HD videos on YouTube or for browsing the web for hundreds of hours.

3. Network Coverage

Jazz is known for its extensive network coverage in Pakistan. This package’s benefits can be enjoyed in both urban and rural areas, making it suitable for users across the country.

4. Data Speed

While the package mentions 4G high-speed internet, you can specify that the actual data speed experienced by users may vary based on factors such as network congestion and device compatibility.

5. Tax Inclusion

Jazz Monthly Max’s transparency in including taxes in the package price is a notable feature. You can emphasize that the Rs. 1040 price includes all applicable taxes, so there are no hidden charges.

6. Non-recurrence

Highlight that the package is non-recursive, meaning users need to subscribe again after 30 days if they wish to continue enjoying its benefits.

7. Competitive Analysis

Compare the Jazz Monthly Max package with similar offerings from other mobile network providers in Pakistan. Analyze the value for money and benefits offered by Jazz in comparison to its competitors.

8. User Reviews

If available, include some user reviews or feedback about their experience with Jazz Monthly Max. This can provide real-world insights into the package’s performance and customer satisfaction.

9. Customer Support

Mention Jazz’s customer support options, such as helplines or online support, for users who may have questions or issues related to the package.

10. Future Updates

Note that the telecom industry is dynamic, and package offerings can change over time. Advise users to check Jazz’s official website or contact customer support for the most up-to-date information on the Jazz Monthly Max package.


Jazz has introduced this bundle only for jazz customers; you have to dial code*708#, and you will get 40000 MBs (40 GB) of data, 3000 On-Net minutes, 500 Off-Net minutes, and 3000 to all networks for a whole month.

This bundle is non-recursive; you will dial the activation code *708# to get this excellent bundle more than once. This offer can be activated again and again by dialing the subscription code.

If you want to check Monthly Max’s validity, dial code *708*2#. By dialing the code *708*3#, you will get all information about the package. The tax applies to checking the status of this offer.


Jazz Monthly Max provides MBs of the internet with 4G high speed, sms, and minutes. The package offers abundant incentives for SMS, mobile data, and call minutes. You can use a large amount of data and you can connect with your beloved friends and family through this offer for the whole month for Rs.1215, including tax.

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