Zong Daily Voice Offer

zong daily voice offer

The Zong Daily Voice Offer presents a convenient and cost-effective solution for users seeking uninterrupted communication on the Zong network. Designed to cater to the essential need for voice connectivity, this daily package is tailored to provide a generous allotment of minutes for making calls.

With the Zong Voice Offer, subscribers can enjoy seamless conversations, whether it’s connecting with friends, family, or colleagues. This package underscores Zong’s commitment to delivering affordable and user-centric telecommunications services that cater to the diverse communication needs of its customers.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected through reliable communication is paramount, and the Zong Daily Offer addresses this need head-on. Whether it’s sharing updates, exchanging thoughts, or simply staying in touch, the package offers a seamless way to engage in voice conversations without the worry of depleting minutes.

By providing a substantial allocation of minutes, Zong ensures that subscribers can make the most of their daily interactions, be it personal or professional. This commitment to accessibility and affordability further solidifies Zong’s position as a telecommunications provider that values its customers’ communication experience.

As users seek convenience, flexibility, and affordability in their daily lives, the Zong Daily Voice Package emerges as an ideal choice, emphasizing Zong’s dedication to creating solutions that cater to the evolving communication needs of a diverse clientele.

The Zong Perfect Offer is attractively priced at Rs. 12 plus tax per day, making it an affordable choice for many users.

How to subscribe?

  • To subscribe to the Zong Daily Voice Package, you can dial *45# from your Zong mobile number. This straightforward subscription code allows you to easily access the convenient and cost-effective voice connectivity solution provided by the package.


Zong Daily Voice Offer

On-Net Mins50
Validity 1 Day
Subscription code*45#
Price Rs. 5

Terms & Conditions

  • It appears that you can only subscribe to the offer once per day. 
  • There are no call set-up charges for this offer. 
  • The Zong Daily Voice Package is valid for one calendar day from the time of subscription, starting from 00:00 hours until 23:59 hours.
  • Subscribers can avail of the Zong Daily Voice Package once within 24 hours. Multiple subscriptions within the same day will not be allowed.
  • The allocated minutes within the Zong Daily Voice Offer can only be used for making calls within the Zong network. Calls to other networks or international numbers will be charged separately according to prevailing rates.
  • While the Zong Voice Offer provides a generous allocation of minutes, the offer is subject to a Fair Usage Policy. In case of excessive usage, Zong reserves the right to regulate the service or suspend it temporarily.
  • The Zong Daily Voice Package does not auto-renew. To continue enjoying the offer, subscribers need to manually re-subscribe after the offer’s expiration.
  • The Zong Daily Voice Package is available to all Zong prepaid customers.
  • If a subscriber re-subscribes to the offer before the current subscription expires, the new subscription will override the remaining minutes from the previous subscription.
  • By subscribing to the offer, customers agree to abide by Zong’s terms of service and usage policies.

Advantages of Zong Daily Voice Offer

Uninterrupted Communication

The Zong Daily Voice Package ensures uninterrupted and seamless voice communication, allowing subscribers to stay connected with their contacts without any interruptions.

Generous Allotment of Minutes

Subscribers receive a generous allocation of minutes, enabling them to engage in lengthy conversations with friends, family, or colleagues throughout the day.


The package offers a cost-effective solution for voice communication, allowing subscribers to make the most of their communication needs without straining their budget.


With the Zong Daily Voice Package, subscribers can conveniently connect with their contacts whenever they need to, without the hassle of tracking their usage.


The package’s daily validity provides flexibility for users who have varying communication needs on different days. Subscribers can activate the offer only on days when they require extensive voice communication.

Personal and Professional Use

The package caters to both personal and professional communication needs, making it suitable for casual chats and business-related conversations.

Easy Subscription

Subscribing to the Zong Daily Voice Package is hassle-free, requiring only a simple dialing of the provided code to activate the package.

Instant Activation

Once subscribed, the package is instantly activated, allowing subscribers to start using their allocated minutes immediately.

Stay Connected on the Go

Subscribers can stay connected even when they’re on the move, ensuring that important conversations are never missed due to lack of connectivity.

User-Centric Approach

The Zong Daily Voice Offer reflects Zong’s commitment to delivering solutions that cater to users’ communication needs. It provides a valuable service that aligns with the preferences of a diverse range of customers.


The Zong Daily Voice Offer aims to provide uninterrupted communication on the Zong network through a generous allocation of minutes for calls.

You can activate the Zong Daily Voice Offer by using code *45#.

Zong Daily Voice Package provides 20 minutes for Rs. 5 for one day.


 Zong Daily Voice Offer stands as a testament to Zong’s commitment to delivering convenient and cost-effective communication solutions on its network. Designed with the essential requirement for uninterrupted voice connectivity in mind, this daily package offers a substantial allocation of minutes dedicated to making calls.

Through the Zong Daily Voice Offer, subscribers are provided with the means to engage in seamless conversations, fostering connections with friends, family, and colleagues alike. This package serves as a reflection of Zong’s dedication to providing affordable and user-centric telecommunications services that cater comprehensively to the diverse communication needs of its valued customers.

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