Ufone Upower Card – Rs.120_2024

Ufone Upower Card - Rs.120

Introducing the Ufone Upower Card – Rs.120, the ultimate solution to power up your mobile experience, packed with convenience, affordability, and abundant benefits. This Rs.120 card is designed to keep you connected and engaged like never before.

Seamlessly make calls, send messages, and surf the internet with lightning-fast speed, all while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a frequent caller, or a data-savvy user, this card caters to your unique needs, offering incredible value for your money. Activate now and experience the true power of communication.

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Upower Package Weekly— All in One

With the Upower Package Weekly, you may get 1000 MB of the Internet, 25 Offnet Minutes, 1000 On Net Minutes, and 1000 SMS each week for just Rs. 120.

  • To activate this offer, dial *123*1*CARD NUMBER#.

Upower Package Weekly Internet

It gives 3000 MBs of weekly Internet access, including 1500 MBs (from 2 AM to 2 PM), for just Rs. 120.

  • To take advantage of this offer, dial *123*2*CARD NUMBER#.

Weekly Upower Package All Network Calls

Get 80 other network Minutes plus 80 On-net Minutes

  •  Dial *123*3*CARD NUMBER# to activate this offer for just Rs. 120.

Ufone Upower Card Weekly — PTCL Calls and U-U Calls

Get unlimited weekly minutes from U-U/PTCL for just Rs. 120. The fair usage policy of 250 minutes.

  • To take advantage of this offer, dial *123*4*CARD NUMBER#.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers are eligible for offers.
  • There are no call setup costs if a consumer subscribes to any Upower bundle other than the Internet package. 
  • For seven days, the UPower Rs. 120 is valid.
  • UPower scratch cards can load standard balance by dialling the appropriate Call To Action, although the first 7 balance query instances on all UPower bundles will be free. After that, the balance inquiry will be charged as standard.
  • Use only SIMs provided by Biometric Verification – PTA.


The Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 120 is a prepaid mobile card offered by Ufone, a telecom service provider in Pakistan. It allows customers to recharge their Ufone prepaid accounts with a balance of Rs. 120.

You can purchase the Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 120 from various authorized Ufone retailers, shops, and outlets across Pakistan. The card contains a unique code to load onto your Ufone account.

The Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 120 provides you with a balance of Rs. 120 on your Ufone prepaid account, which can be used for making calls, sending SMS, and using mobile data according to the rates and packages applicable to your Ufone connection.

Yes, the balance loaded through the Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 120 can be used for any Ufone service, including calls, SMS, and mobile data. The usage charges will be deducted from the available balance at the applicable rates.


Ufone Upower Card – Rs.120 gives Ufone customers a convenient and cost-effective way to recharge their prepaid accounts and enjoy various benefits. This prepaid card offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing customers to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and utilize Ufone’s services, such as voice calls, SMS messaging, and mobile data.

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