Ufone Social Package Monthly

Ufone social package monthly

Ufone Social Package Monthly is an incredible package designed to keep you connected and engaged with your social circles throughout the month. With this offer, you can enjoy seamless access to all your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, without worrying about exhausting your data limits. Stay updated on the latest posts, chat with friends and family, and share your moments of joy effortlessly, all within the expansive Ufone network.

With the Ufone Monthly Social package, you will enjoy 1000 MBs of the internet with 4G high speed and you will use this 1G internet data for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. The price of the Ufone Monthly Social offer is Rs. 75, including tax, and the validity of this package is the whole month. You can use this data without any time limit, and it can be valid continuously for 30 days.

Whether you’re an avid social media user, a frequent messenger, or someone who loves staying connected, the Monthly Social offer from Ufone is tailored to meet your needs. It provides a generous data volume, allowing you to browse, like, comment, and share to your heart’s content. From scrolling through your newsfeed to uploading pictures and videos, this package empowers you to immerse yourself in the digital world without any restrictions.

Not only does the Monthly Ufone Social package have exceptional data benefits, but it also comes with the reliability and quality that Ufone is known for. Experience seamless connectivity, fast browsing speeds, and uninterrupted communication as you make the most of your social media platforms. Stay connected with your loved ones, join group conversations, and engage in meaningful interactions without worrying about data exhaustion or unexpected charges.

How to Subscribe?

  • You will get the Ufone Monthly Social offer using code *5858#.
  • Ufone Social Package Monthly can be activated for Rs. 75, including tax.

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Ufone Social Package Monthly

Free MBs1000
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 30 Days
Subscription code*5858#
Status code*706#
Price Rs.75

Terms & Conditions

  • All offers are available for prepaid users. 
  • You can activate all packages by using code *3#.
  • You will pay additional charges with the introductory price of any package. 
  • By dialing *706#, you will check the status of the Ufone Social package monthly. 
  • Multiple activations are accepted. 
  • Different factors affect internet speed, such as local areas, number of subscribers, web pages, and computers.
  • If you have used 25 MBs of internet, you will be rewarded 150 MBs by midnight from Ufone Company. 
  • The charges will be included for checking the remaining MBs.
  • You will enjoy 1000 MBs of the internet without any time limit.


The Ufone Social Package Monthly is a mobile data package provided by Ufone, a cellular service provider. It allows customers unlimited access to social media platforms and messaging applications for a month.

To subscribe to the Ufone Social package Monthly, dial *5858# from your Ufone prepaid SIM card. Alternatively, you can visit the Ufone website or use the My Ufone app to activate the offer.


The Ufone Social Package Monthly is designed to provide you with internet data for one month. With this package, you will have access to 1000 MBs of internet, which can be utilized specifically for platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s important to note that if you decide to activate this offer more than once, you will need separate charges for each subscription.

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