Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer

Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer

Introducing the Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer, the perfect way to stay connected, engaged, and entertained on the world’s most popular social media platform! With this incredible offer, Ufone subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook for an entire month, allowing you to connect with friends, share memorable moments, and explore the latest trends without worrying about data limits.

With this Ufone Facebook Offer, you will get 6 GB of internet data for Facebook with 4G speed. You have to dial code *987# to activate this package, and the price of this offer is Rs. 100, including tax. Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer can be used for 30 days. This package is only for those users who have an interest in Facebook. Facebook is a famous social media platform in the whole world, and its users use this social media platform on the internet. This is the cheapest package because this offer brings you a lot of internet data for 30 days without any time limit.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Facebook as you effortlessly browse through news feeds, catch up on exciting updates from your favorite pages, and stay updated with the latest viral videos. Whether sharing your photos and videos or staying connected with loved ones through messages and comments, the Ufone Monthly Facebook package ensures you never miss a beat.

It’s time to unlock the full potential of Facebook and create lasting memories in a world where connectivity knows no bounds. Embrace the power of social media and let Ufone be your trusted partner in keeping you engaged, entertained, and connected throughout the month. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity subscribe now and experience the magic of unlimited Facebook access with Ufone.

How to Subscribe?

  • You can activate Ufone Monthly Facebook Package by using code *987#.
  • Check the remaining MB’s dial code *706#.

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Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer

Free MBs6000
On-Net Mins
Off-Net Mins
Validity 30 Days
Subscription code*987#
Status code*706#
Price Rs.100

Terms & Conditions

  • Ufone Monthly Facebook Package is valid for prepaid users. 
  • You will recharge Rs. 120 loads to activate this package. 
  • 6000 MBs can be used for only Facebook. 
  • You can not use other social media platforms such as youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, tik tok, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Different factors affect internet speed, such as local areas, number of subscribers, web pages, and computers.
  • 2.75+Tax per MB is charged at non-payment obligation, and the charging pulse is 512 kb at this package. 
  • The charges will be included for checking the remaining MBs. 
  • Multiple activations are accepted, but you will pay separate charges for each activation. 
  • This package can not auto-subscribe if you activate the offer after the expiry. 


Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer is a package provided by Ufone, a telecommunications service provider in Pakistan, that allows users to enjoy unlimited access to Facebook for one month.

No, Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer is specifically designed for unlimited access to Facebook only. It does not include access to other social media platforms or internet browsing.


Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer is a beneficial package for Ufone subscribers who use Facebook extensively and want to stay connected with their friends and family on the platform. The offer provides a generous data allocation specifically for Facebook usage, allowing users to browse, post, like, and share content on the social media platform without worrying about exhausting their regular data allowance.

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